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We have a wide range of capabilities that include many years experience in:

Hand Layup

Hand application, oven cure with  vacuum bag pressure. A proven method for both honeycomb sandwich panels and solid laminates.

Compression Molding / Crush Core

Multiple hydraulic presses coupled with match metal dies provide a range of compression molding, press cured and crushed core opportunities.

Resin Transfer

Low cost tooling, room temperature cures.

Plaster Cast

Soluble molds for complicated shapes, commonly ducting.

Hand Trim

Hand trim operations with Stoddard’s custom built trim fixtures. A common and cost effective approach to develop final configurations.

3 Axis & 5 Axis NC Trim

Numerically controlled machining provides highly accurate trimming operations.

Sub Assembly

Potting insets, bonding, assembling brackets and details. All in support of secondary processes.


Much effort is put into surface preparation and paint application providing a variety of finishes.

Gelcoat / Granicoat

Gelcoats provide a high gloss finish from polished resin.

Decorative Application

Application of declam provides a durable decorative appearance favored in aircraft interiors.


Stoddard International provides the expertise that is required to build the highest quality in high temp composite tooling.


Certified testing apparatus allows for internal material testing. Including physical and mechanical verification of material performance.